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Jim Johnson

JJ, has been playing guitars since he was 10 years old. Jim s first sound gig was at the Mason's Lodge at the age of 13. A near native Californian, raised in Los Gatos, Jim loves Don Quixote's International Music Hall in Felton, CA. I enjoy this venue because it promotes so many first class international, US and local bands and we would otherwise not have the opportunity to hear and appreciate the incredible talent that they bring to the area. It reminds me of my teenage years at the Chateau Liberte in the Hills above Santa Cruz, when I first heard such soon to be great bands as the Airplane and the Doobies.

Business owner, electronic engineer and sound and recording engineer, JJ also teaches college level recording arts and live sound engineering to aspiring engineers but has also worked with many bands. A few grammy winners, nominees and locals such as Storm, Phil N The Blanks, Papa Do Run Run, Mercury, and Joe Rose & The Dynaflows. No stranger to the stage at Shoreline and the Mt. Winery, Filmore even Winterland while working for BGP. Jim has experience on the Digidesign Pro Tools D-Show desk and recording consoles & software, Digidesign 003 Pro Tools, Yamaha PM5D 48CH with Studio Manager and various analog and digital house, monitor and recording systems.

Jim's philosophy is to give the artist and the audience the best possible sound experience that allows everyone to walk away from the performance and think WOW, what a great show!and the performers to think back and remember This was the best we have ever sounded and played. The show belongs totally to the artist until down beat, after that, it belongs to the audience.


Emmanuel Selassie

Emmanuel has been working as a musician since 1982 and has been a professional audio engineer since 1996.

In the studio Emmanuel has produced and engineered many recordings of his own music and for clients over the past 2 decades, as well as Mastering many projects under the tutelage of, George Horn, one of the world's best mastering engineers.

Emmanuel also has engineered many live shows at different venues across the nation, and has been with Don Quixote's for almost two years.

Jesse Scarborough

Jesse started mixing live shows in 2008. He moved to California in October of 2014 from North Carolina, where he studied Music Production & Recording Arts at Elon University. 

Jesse knows that the most important aspect of a live show is the artist's performance and ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Regardless of the genre, music is about expression and interpersonal connection, and allowing that to flow without restriction is what he does best. He has worked with Donna The Buffalo and Steve Aoki as a monitor engineer, as well as mixing front of house for local acts like William Robert Empire and Beautiful Machines. 

Jesse also works at Michael Romanowski Mastering, the Fox Theater in Redwood City, and for various pro audio companies in the Bay Area as a live sound engineer.  


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